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"I couldnt be more happy!"

I couldnt be more happy!!!!!!!

~Tiffani S.

"Thank you. HCG changed my life :)"

HCG and the people at HCG Renew have helped save my life. My story starts as typical as any other obese person who tried n failed at weight loss as often as Oprah over the years LOL.

The main difference is I don't have Ricky Lake Carny Wilson or Oprah abilities financially to lose the weight. I also don't have the capabilities to spend 8 hours in the gym to be the "biggest loser". I started my first round of HCG in May of this year losing 32 lbs.  The loading days were great as I've practiced that protocol for 29 years previously. The morning I was to start the VLCD I was vehemently against the 500 calories and tried to talk myself out of it for several hours. My best friend convinced me and believed in me enough to get me to just TRY.  I started with 7 of my close friends ranging from 170 to myself at a grand ol 308 lbs. The beauty is we were ALL SUCCESSFUL.

I've even become a self proclaimed HCG guru and have helped 9 other people on their HCG journey outside of our original 7.   I have just finished my 2nd round and am at 61 total pound down :)

I couldn't be any happier with my success and am eager to start again later next month. This previously self titled "cutest chubby girl in America" is still that amazing gal just healthier n knowledgeable about what I'm fueling my body with. I just wonder if I'll ever get tired of hearing how great I look Haha. Thank for listening :) Also I've attached a side by side of the difference in my face alone

~Katrina C

"...if I can do it. believe me..so can you."

My name is Milena.. I'm 25 years old.. and I've recently just finished my hcg diet over the spring. Ive always been a heavy set girl my whole life but never saw it when i looked in the mirror. I got into the hcg diet through my best friend Simone.. It changed my life around completely.. from dating.. socializing..work..family and school. I realize the difference on how people treat you from being heavy.. to now. I started at 216lbs... to my thinnest at 152. I would like to show people that if you really want to get it off.. it truly is possible... I'm that person who's going to tell you if I can do it. believe me..so can you.


"HCG made me feel like a new woman..."

My name is Cari K. I am restarting the HCG plan on 9/24. I did the whole HCG program in January and lost 40#. But because I have not dealt with how to handle stress, I started eating poorly when my 20 year old son went to jail and I felt helpless. I know that I eat when I am stressed but when I was on the HCG in January and on I felt great, I was able to shed any problems and didn't eat to satisfy my emotional needs.

I now weigh 186 and I was 165 and I am frustrated that I did that to myself after working so hard. So now I am serious and I am going to lose 40-55 lbs like I wanted to last time I did HCG. My goal weight then and now is 145-130 lbs.

HCG made me feel like a new woman earlier this year and I intend to get back there and STAY THERE.

~ Cari K

"happy with the new me..."

I’m a 55 year old female in Henderson, NV. I did the HCG program over a year ago through a national clinic and paid over $450.00. I succeeded in the program, lost 44 lbs and was on my way. Down to a size 9/10 and happy with the new me. However, after about 9 months I was back up 13 lbs. BTW the program did not tell you to continue to weight in everyday, so I didn’t and now my new clothes started felling tighter and tighter. Even though I had added Pilates to my yoga routine, the clinic said it was probably due to ‘added muscle mass’, yeah right. I was up and not happy.

I found the HCG Renew program and with a lot of great help and advice  I went on your program and went on to lose that extra 13lbs. I’m about to go on it again to lose another 10. All in all I like the HCG Renew program the best, and since it follows Dr. Simeons protocol to a ‘t’, I know that I will have better success than other programs out there. The issue with the 1st program I did through the clinic, as I know now, was to NOT have me be long-term successful, but to come back in after my weight was up and spend another $250.00 for another bottle. That program just dropped you after maintenance and left you on your way. Great marketing plan however to continually get more money from you!

I have recommended the HCG Renew program and website to many of my friends!


"I was so proud of myself and cried tears of joy..."

I have lost 60 lbs on HCG Renew... I was 235 lbs when I started over a year ago last April.

My goal the one I had set to reach by my 25 birthday, I made it!! I had lost 60 pounds. I went from 253 to 193. I was so proud of myself and cried tears of joy because I promised myself I would be under 200 pounds by my 25 birthday.

I still have 40 to go, and now that the moving is done and my feet are on the ground I can focus again on meeting my goals.

With your help and motivation I know I can reach this goal and maintain a good healthy weight.


"I made it!! I had lost 60 pounds..."

January 13, 2012 was my first round of the diet I did it for 40 days and lost 36 pound. It was very hard and overwhelming but I was succeeding. The more I lost, the more I wanted to lose. I was experiencing unbelievable results...

My goal the one I had set to reach by my 25 birthday, I made it!! I had lost 60 pounds. I went from 253 to 193. I was so proud of myself and cried tears of joy because I promised myself I would be under 200 pounds by my 25 birthday.

~Dione- Wilmington, NC

"I have been fat for 17 years and I can safely say that NOW I'M NOT!"

I have been hearing about hcg for a couple months now... After about the third time I decided to research it. After looking at every bit of info I could find online including the show that Dr Oz did I started looking for a suitable distributor. I settled on hcgrenew.com because of the potency of the hcg, and the fact that I would have a personal coach to help me through it. I used her support way more than I thought I would and it was an awesome asset. So, On October 2nd 2011 I started the program. My original weight was 278 after 6 weeks of religiously following the protocol I am now 227. For a total loss of 51 pounds!!!! I have been fat for 17 years and I can safely say that NOW I'M NOT!!!!! This is a miracle cure for obesity. I still have 30 more to go, and I KNOW that I will make it this time!!!!! Just wanted to say thank you to my friends and family for believing in me, and a special thanks to my coach Kayla for guiding me through this :)!!!!!!

~Megan S. Mesa, AZ

"my key to a whole new happier, healthier me"

Francine before and after Wow! Where do I start! At 262 lbs that's where I began it has been a transformation that I am so proud of. I have tried so many different diets but that's what I was doing wrong, until the HCG diet came along it was my key to a whole new happier, healthier me. I am now 181lbs and l am loving life!

~Francine Mesa, AZ

"I never thought I would see this weight again"

"In 2009, I was really wanting to lose weight and I had tried so many other diets that were so disappointing that I was discouraged and skeptical that I would ever get it off. I heard about the HCG and after doing a ton of research, decided that I would try it to see if it worked. I started out at 158 lbs wearing a size 14. I did my first 3 weeks and I was ecstatic to lose 22 lbs. I took a break for the holiday's and ate what I wanted and only gained 3 lbs. I started my next cycle and lost another 20 lbs. Now I am at 121 in a size 6, I have been able to maintain my weight with in a couple of lbs and I feel great. I never thought I would see this weight again and I could not be happier. "

~Anonymous HCG Review

"I'm 44 pounds lighter"

"This Diet is the best thing that has ever happened to me!!! I have tried so many Diets and most of them helped me lose weight, but after a short period of time I would gain it all back again and then some. I have completed two rounds of the HCG Renew program. Now I'm 44 pounds lighter, I am no longer hungry all day and I couldn't eat a large meal if I had to. Myself steam is through the roof and I feel great!!!!"

~Cynthia - Tamarac FL

"I feel wonderful!"

Kayla before and after"I started the HCG Diet weighing 158 and wearing a size 14 now I weigh 121 and wear a size 6. I feel wonderful!"

~Kayla Williams

"The energy I have now is amazing!"

Justin befor and after HCG"I am 38 years old. I have slowly been gaining weight for the last 10 years. I have tried many different diets. From South Beach and Adkins to Body for life and Lemon Cleanse. I lost weight on all of them but I would quickly regain all the weight and then some. when I came across HCG Renew I weighed a whopping 290lbs. I skeptically ordered a 6 week kit. I Received excellent service through their help and coaching, I lost 60lbs in just 6 weeks! I went from a 46in to a 36in waist. Before the HCG program I was diagnosed with severe Sleep Apnea and had to sleep with a breathing machine at night, since my weight loss I sleep great and the breathing machine is gone! At the start of this diet I was hoping to get to 250lbs again. This program has exceeded all my expectations. I have not weighted in the 230's since I has 20 years old! The energy I have now is amazing! The 60lbs are gone now and it has stayed off! This program has changed the direction of my whole life.

Thanks HGG Renew!"

Mesa, AZ

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