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How to do a “Steak Day”

September 24th, 2010

A Steak Day is something you use when you are on your maintenance. It is needed when you gain over 2 lbs from your last HCG drops/injection day. Even 1oz over 2 lbs is considered excessive gain. You will want to do a steak day that day. Do not wait because steak days are not as effective the days following. To do a steak day you:
Skip breakfast and lunch of that day. For dinner you eat a large juicy steak. You can have spices and oils on it, just make sure the spices are sugar and starch free. Eat as much steak as you can and then have an apple after wards. Drink very little water, just enough to quench your thirst. Do not get dehydrated though. The following day most people lose about 1-2 lbs. Please let us know if you have any other questions on this or any other topic.

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