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Exercise During HCG Program

November 9th, 2010

We often get asked if it is okay to exercise during the HCG Program. There are many misconceptions on this subject for some reason. Many HCG programs out there will suggest not to exercise what so ever. But when we refer back to Dr. Simeon’s original Protocol, “Pounds & Inches”, we find the answer. Not only does he say that it is okay to exercise, but it is recommended!

“Pounds & Inches” Pg. 28 & 29 Muscular Fatigue

Towards the end of a full course, when a good deal of fat has been rapidly lost, some patients complain that lifting a weight or climbing stairs requires a greater muscular effort than before. They feel neither breathlessness nor exhaustion but simply that their muscles have to work harder. This phenomenon, which disappears soon after the end of the treatment, is caused by the removal of abnormal fat deposited between, in, and around the muscles. The removal of this fat makes the muscles too long, and so in order to achieve a certain skeletal movement – say the bending of an arm – the muscles have to perform greater contraction than before. Within a short while the muscle adjusts itself perfectly to the new situation, but under HCG the loss of fat is so rapid that this adjustment cannot keep up with it. Patients often have to be reassured that this does not mean that they are “getting weak”. This phenomenon does not occur in patients who regularly take vigorous exercise and continue to do so during treatment.

Here at HCG Renew, we recommend that if you were exercising before the HCG Renew Program that you continue to do so. If you start to feel fatigued, try lowering the intensity of your workouts. If you have not yet started an exercise program, try doing some walking or light weight lifting. This will only increase your results and your over all well-being!

Good luck on your weight loss journey. Continue pressing forward…remember, “Regain control of your weight and you will Renew your life!”


October 15th, 2010

We have been asked many times “I cheated this weekend and still lost 1 pound is this going to change my outcome?” Drum roll please… YES! There is two reasons for doing the HCG program 1st is to lose your “locked down” abnormal fat and 2nd is to “reset” your hypothalamus gland to speed up your metabolism thus keeping your weight off. Let’s face it most diets work, for losing weight, but most of our customers are doing the HCG program to regain control of their weight and keep it off! The one thing that is more discouraging than being overweight is regaining weight! let us give you a few facts and tips that will help you to “reset” your hypothalamus and put that extra weight in your past!


Did you know? That while on the HCG program your skin absorbs oils or fats and treats them as though you have eaten them? If you touch or consume external fats your body will burn them first and you will have just missed an opportunity to burn your “locked down” fat which is the whole goal of being of this program. Please be mindful to use latex gloves when cooking for your family, doing dishes or housework. Doing this simple thing can have a major impact your weight loss.

Did you know? That your Hypothalamus gland needs a minimum of 21 days (or three weeks) straight of no external oils, fats, sugars, or starches (except those allowed in the protocol) to receive a full reset?

Did you know? That while on the 500 VLCD phase you are restricting all other access to external sources of fat until your body has no other choice but to burn your abnormal fat that you could never get rid of by diet and exercise alone?

Did you know? That when you are on the 500 VLCD phase you are NOT allowed to just consume any 500 calories a day? The foods on the “Daily Diet Outline”(found on pg. 5 of your Reference Guide) are the only approved calorie source you can consume on a daily basis. This list has been researched for decades and has proven by time to give you the best results. By sticking to this list (and only this list) you will have the most success and the best chance at resetting your Hypothalamus gland.

We at HCG Renew hope these tips help. Remember, It’s not how much weight you lose but how much you keep off! We have read so many of your inspiring emails and comments on our blog sites. Our clients are truly amazing people that are not just losing weight they are Renewing their life’s!

Following Dr. Simeons Protocol (the effects of cheating)

October 6th, 2010

Dr. Simeons designed the HCG diet with a very specific protocol that is proven to work if you follow it strictly and don’t stray. I have talked to many people who have done the HCG diet through other websites, Doctor’s or Med Spa’s that received mediocre results. When talking with the client usually the result comes down to the menu program they were given to follow. Dr. Simeons spent decades on perfecting the HCG program and menu. Unfortunately there are many companies and doctor’s who feel the need to change this protocol to make it more appealing to today’s society. Unfortunately this leads to negative results. When you are on the HCG diet it is possible to lose some weight while cheating or straying from the diet but any amount of cheating and/or straying from the original protocol can risk the hypothalamus gland resetting which controls your metabolism and makes it possible for you to maintain your weight after you have completed your cycle. Here at HCG Renew we have geared our entire program around the Dr. Simeons protocol. All of our recipes that come with your kit are specific to the program he designed and will allow you to achieve the best possible results. Everyone loses differently but if you are following the program as it is designed then you know that you received the best results you could have obtained. It is our goal to help you achieved the optimum weight loss and we will give you the best advice and information to make that possible.

Sugar to Stevia Conversion

September 15th, 2010

I recently received a request for a sugar to Stevia conversion break down. Below I have listed the conversion. This is really good information for cooking. If you want to substitute sugar for a healthier substitute this is good to know.

Note: I use the white powdered extract form of Stevia.
1 teaspoon sugar = dust on spoon Stevia extract powder
1 tablespoon sugar = 1/2 pinch Stevia
1/4 cup sugar = pinch Stevia
1/2 cup sugar = 1/8 teaspoon Stevia
1 cup sugar = 1/4 teaspoon Stevia

Notice that it takes quite a bit less Stevia to equal the sweetness and flavor as sugar. One danger with Stevia is that if you use to much you can run the risk of making your food bitter. More is not better with Stevia.

Tracking Your Progress

September 15th, 2010

When doing the HCG diet there are some things that you can do to help you track your progress besides tracking your weight on the scale. Some people notice better results when tracking body inches. Another recommendation is to take before and after pictures. You will want to take them while wearing tightly formed clothing. When you take the before and after pictures make sure your wearing the same or similar clothing, so that you can see how the clothing fit differently.
Most people can see visible changes in their body shape within about a week in a half of starting the diet. And those who don’t will be able to tell with the measurements. That is why both are very helpful to have. Before and after pictures are nice because even if you are only trying to lose 10 to 15 lbs when you see both pictures together you will be able to see a big difference in area’s that if you didn’t have the pictures you might not be able to see.

Loading Day Tips and Information

September 14th, 2010

Most people cannot understand why you need to do 2 loading days. But it accomplishes some very important things for you on the diet.

First, it helps build your calories the first week of the program. Since it takes several days for the HCG to build up in your body and function properly, you might feel hungry and tired the first week, but this is normal. But, if you don’t load correctly to build up your calories, then you will be very uncomfortable the first week. The calories you build up are available for your body to use during the first 3 days of the 500 VLCD to prevent you from going into starvation mode.

Second, it also helps boost your metabolism. When your body gets a huge influx of fats and calories, your metabolism increases to try to keep up with the food. On the third day you reduce your calories to 500 which allows you lose weight very rapidly because your metabolism is running at a high rate.

It is important that you eat the right types of food. Rich fatty foods are the best choice. Items that are considered good fats are important to add to this phase of your diet. Below is a list of suggestions.

Cheese Cake
Ice Cream
Italian Food (Rich and Creamy)
Olive Oil

These are just a few of the many suggestions. Although some of these items on the list contain sugar, they are rich in fat which will help you. You want to avoid things that are mainly sugar, because sugar burns to quickly and will not assist you much that first week.
You want to eat about every 1-2 hours and snack in between. Honestly if you are not sick of food by the time you are done with your loading days, you probably didn’t load enough. It is out of most people’s comfort zone to eat this much food. It might be fun the first day but it gets old fast. By the time you are done you will be ready to start the 500 VLCD phase of the diet.