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HCG Diet – What are “Loading Days” and are they really important for doing the HCG Diet?

November 5th, 2010

Are you wondering what “loading days” are for? And, if it is really necessary? Are you wondering what foods to eat? Do you think you’ll skip loading days and jump right into the diet? Loading is important for two reasons.
Dr. Simeons who developed the diet, instructed dieters to “load” with fats for two days while starting the HCG.

1) He said it would help decrease hunger and it really does.
Dieting is hard enough without being hungry.

2) Some studies were done that show those who “load” correctly, actually lose more weight.

If you load well with fats, you can lose 10-12 pounds the first week. Amazing, isn’t it? Later on you will only lose 1/2 a pound to 1 pound per day. Can you imagine someone telling you that to do a diet, you must fatten up? You want to do it inside and out, with fatty foods and lotions.

So for two days, you can eat all the foods you might be craving later. But to do it well, forget sugary foods and focus on fats. Can you imagine that you are going to lose a heck of a lot of weight, but first you should eat fats? It sounds crazy.

If you want to do it right, eat fats that are good for you. Cook with olive oil or other good oils. Avoid hydrogenated oils like Crisco. Think Atkin’s diet and eat all the meat, cheese, eggs and bacon you want. I know those are not the best fats, but you will be wanting some of them later on. If you like hamburgers, hot dogs, and ice cream, now is your chance to load up. Eat pizza loaded with cheese and even pepperoni. These also aren’t the best foods for you, but it’s only for 2 days. And if you are overweight, you’ve probably been eating some of these foods anyway.

For a better food choice, do you like salmon? I had never fixed it until recent years. If you broil it in the oven with some barbeque sauce it is really good. Broil 5 minutes or so until well browned. Salmon is high in omega-3. So is tuna. Load up on protein. Don’t just eat junk. Cake and cookies have fat, too. But eat “white meat” pork chops. Eat ham and eggs. Go to a restaurant and have hash browns with a cheese and ham omelet. Have your favorite T-bone steak and eggs.

Also, slather lotions and oils on your skin, as now is your chance. Take vitamin E, A and omega-3 fish oil. Eat walnuts for omega-3 and other nuts, too. Your body needs oils for joints, for skin and hair. Once you are on the diet, you are going to eat as fat free or low fat as possible.

Fats are used to store energy. They are high-energy yielding molecules and necessary for good health. They help with absorbing nutrients and good fats give us better cholesterol. Like the essential amino acids, these fatty acids are essential to our diets because the body cannot produce them.

So after the diet, you are going to be able to eat fats again and it is necessary that you do. You will go three weeks after the diet, eating no sugars or starches to maintain your weight loss and develop a new set point, but that will be the time to stock up on vitamins and good fats again. Try to educate yourself on good fats and you will naturally live a healthier life style. And best of all, you will weigh a lot less. The HCG Diet is excellent for taking off weight quickly, but it is important to know and understand how the diet works and how to follow it best.

Wouldn’t it be fun to go to a spa in Rome, Italy and have your foods prepared for you? Go shopping or sightseeing during the day and come back for more great foods prepared for you? The move stars used to do just that. But since you are probably doing this diet alone or with a clinic, it’s not so easy.

So, don’t skip on “loading days.” You want to get enough HCG in your system so you won’t be hungry and so you lose as quickly as possible.

By Janet Sweeney

How to do a “Steak Day”

September 24th, 2010

A Steak Day is something you use when you are on your maintenance. It is needed when you gain over 2 lbs from your last HCG drops/injection day. Even 1oz over 2 lbs is considered excessive gain. You will want to do a steak day that day. Do not wait because steak days are not as effective the days following. To do a steak day you:
Skip breakfast and lunch of that day. For dinner you eat a large juicy steak. You can have spices and oils on it, just make sure the spices are sugar and starch free. Eat as much steak as you can and then have an apple after wards. Drink very little water, just enough to quench your thirst. Do not get dehydrated though. The following day most people lose about 1-2 lbs. Please let us know if you have any other questions on this or any other topic.

How to do an “Apple Day”

September 23rd, 2010

During the 500 VLCD (very low calorie diet) it is common to plateau for 1 or 2 days. But if you are plateauing for 3 or more days it is recommended that you do an “Apple Day”. Before doing an apple day, evaluate your diet according to the Daily Diet Outline (located on the discussions tab). One important thing about an apple day is that it is most effective when used immediately.

How to do an apple day-
You start an apple day at noon (do not eat anything before noon of that day) You can have up to 6 apples during your apple day. You also want to drink very little water. Drink just enough to quench a thirst, but do not allow yourself to get dehydrated. You stop the diet the following morning at 10:30a.
Most people after doing the “Apple Day” lose about 1-2 lbs.

The Daily Diet Outline

September 20th, 2010


Only one tablespoon of milk allowed in 24 hrs
Stevia is allowed as sweetener


1) 100 grams of meat/fish DO NOT MIX MEATS

Chicken breast
Fresh white fish
Beef (preferably 96%-98% lean)
*No salmon, herring, eel or tuna
Remove all visible fat
Weigh meat raw (not cooked)
Only grill or boil- no fats to be used in cooking

2) One Vegetable DO NOT MIX VEGETABLES (2 cups for leafy and 1 cup for the others)

Green salad
Red radish

3) One breadstick- Grissino or melba toast (melba toast found in cracker isle)

4) One fruit DO NOT MIX FRUITS

An apple
An orange
A handful of strawberries
Half of a grapefruit


The same choices as lunch- only one food from each category

Do not eat the same meat, vegetable and fruit you had for lunch. It is important to your weight loss that you eat different things for dinner then you had for lunch.


Unlimited quantity of tea, plain water and mineral water


The juice of one lemon daily is allowed. Also pepper, vinegar, mustard powder, garlic, sweet basil, parsley, thyme, marjoram, etc may be used for seasoning. No butter, oil or dressing!